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Not all CRM system are the same. If your business feels trapped by an inflexible CRM, or a system that is too expensive to modernize there's hope. The open nature of Prolivetracker allows for a fast, hassle-free switch. So, if your organization needs modern, mobile flexible tools to enable more powerful customer interaction - learn how your team can make the switch to Prolivetracker today.

Our Solutions

Prolivetracker helps customers implement best-in-case solutions for operational excellence, business analytics, and risk compliance management.

Business Solutions

Prolivetracker helps customers implement best-in-case solutions for operational excellence, business analytics, and risk compliance management. Our deep portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs.

Cloud Solution

Prolivetracker offers a broad portfolio of software and hardware products and services that enable public, private and hybrid clouds. Unlike competitors with narrow views of the cloud.


Prolivetracker's industry solutions leverage our comprehensive portfolio of products to address the unique business requirements of specific industry segments. Solutions for media, government, healthcare, automotive, etc.


Prolivetracker's technology solutions are designed to address complex application and system integration requirements across diverse enterprise environment. With solution of cloud computing, security, and consolidation.


Based on uniquely components that are include Prolivetracker engineered system, sun servers and storage, Prolivetracker Solaris, Prolivetracker Database, Prolivetracker Fusion Middleware and Prolivetracker Application.


Increase business agility by achieving faster and most relevant resources. The following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, analytics, the internet of things and the big data, helps you to transform your business for the future.

To achieve project and program success, you must choose the right
projects for the greatest business value.

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Prolivetracker has designed keeping technocrats in mind. Prolivetracker enables your project manager to give the Midas touch to the entire process of project management. The core idea of this innovation is serving in the maximum possible dimensions with the least available resources.


Prolivetracker helps your managers & supervisors to constantly keep their eyes on the ball with respect to projects and contact concerned parties. This saves resources like time & money, and also allows you to focus on what concerns most.


Prolivetracker is value for money for you and your organization. It saves so many important human hours by its inbuilt functionalities; A rupee saved is a rupee earned, in the same way a human hour saved is like a human hour earned.


Prolivetracker team is formulated for the purpose of support only. The built in self support tool, online tutorials, chat support , email support and of course an IVR driven support provided you with the best service leading to complete satisfaction.


Fully customized solution intended to cater your exclusive requirements with seamless project management and excellent customer focus. The flexibility of the solution meant that it could be customized to fit a number of our company specific requirements.


It does not matter how big your company is: Prolivetracker has been designed to fit your Organizations like a glove from the word go. Best of all, it can be expanded at any time to cater for more users, or new modules.


Any successful company must be able to identify and make the most of an opportunity when it comes. Prolivetracker helps you to keep in constant focus, from the very first customer contact to the closing of a repeat deal.